Green Lions

A story of two souls in words and images. A medley of Duets, Diptychs and Amalgams where two voices merge and interlace. Each of the twenty-two poems in this book is illustrated by a drawing: the number of Major Arcana in the Tarot. This artistic collaboration between Zarina Zabrisky and Simon Rogghe literally dances off the page.

Review: Green Lions is a wonderful collaboration of two beautiful souls exploring each other. I stick with what I said about Zarina and Simon last year, they are unique and intriguing… as poets should be. Their collaborative work is out of this world. From the green lion transformation to surreal horses, from seductive hats to mysterious locked boxes with a way of seducing you back to the green lion, not everything is what it first seems. This is a mesmerising work that will pull you in like poetry should. The poets complement each other perfectly. They are truly two souls entwined into one.